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Iced Drink Recipes


Updated: Jan 27, 2021

It may be cold outside right now, and an iced beverage is not the first thing on your mind when your thirsty, however, spring is coming and we all know Ontario can get super warm. So lets be ready for those balmy days and have some delicious drinks ready to sip.


There is nothing more refreshing then a tall glass of iced tea in the summer, especially when you use The Social Tea Co.'s premium teas. From a classic black iced tea slightly sweetened and garnished with lemon to a rich berry tea, reminiscent of a sangria, your mouth will be watering with anticipation.

The perfect Iced Tea Recipe

Just a few steps to follow:

1. For black, herbal and oolong steep your tea for 5-7 minutes. For green teas you'll only need 2-3 minutes. For every 500 ml of water we suggest 2 tablespoons of tea, this way you make a nice strong concentrate to add cold water too. Place your loose leave tea in a tea diffuser, bag or loose in the container you'll be making the tea in. Pour fresh boiling water over the tea, remember you're not filling the container you are just creating a strong concentrate.

2. While the tea is steeping add your sweetener if you choose to do so. Sweeten to taste. You may want to try maple syrup, honey or even Agave to sweeten your tea. Once you have a nice strong concentrate, remove the tea bag or filter out the leaves. Add in as much water as you want, to create the taste you like. I like to triple the amount of cold water, especially for our Very Berry Tea.

3. Now comes the fun part. Garnish your iced tea with fruit, frozen berries, mint leaves.... the ideas are endless. Even adding a little soda water into your glass will make for an even more refreshing drink. Enjoy.

Below is our favorite Iced Tea Recipe. Change the tea flavour for any Social Tea Co.'s tea and customize your garnish.

Raspberry Lemonade Iced Tea


2 tbsp Raspberry Lemonade Verbena

1/4 cup simple syrup (see blog post on Syrups)

1/2 L Freshly Boiled Water


A Sprig of Mint



Steep Raspberry Lemonade Verbena in boiled water for 7 minutes. Strain, and stir in simple syrup and let cool.

Fill glass with ice, and pour tea to the 3/4 mark. Add sliced lemons and top up the glass with the Raspberry Lemonade Tea, pour slowly, you don't want to loose a drop!

Optional: for a less sweet drink and a little fizz, pour half the glass full of tea and the rest with soda water.

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