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Don't say CHAI!

If you ask for a Chai Tea in India they wil laugh at your adorable cluelessness.


So when we say "I'll have a Chai Tea" what you are really asking for is a TEA TEA lol. I learned this from a friend of mine from Pakistan, she always giggles when say it.

Our Masala (which means SPICED) CHAI, is a beautiful and rich tea. It's very comparable to a traditional Chai you'd find in India. With warm spices of ginger, cinnamon and cardamom you will find this the perfect tea to have during our cold canadian winters.

Because of the rich dark colour and intense spice flavours it's perfectly okay to add a teaspoon of sugar or a splash of maple syrup to the cup and the top with a little milk.

I have never been a Chai lover, but once I tried this tea and fell in love with the complexity of it, I may choose this over my Cream of Earl Grey some days..... I know I know, it's craziness.

Our Masala Chai makes a beautiful Tea latte as well. Steaping the tea bag in an inch of boiling water and then adding your sweetness and dairy option to it, makes for the PERFECT snowy day companion.

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